This is what the plant looked like before anything was done to it. As you can see, the base was covered in the weeds. Also notice that this plant is in bud. I would not normally repot a plant in this stage of growth. I would wait until it stops blooming before repotting. In this case, I was afraid that the plant would die, if I did not repot immediately.

This is what the potting media looked like once it was removed from the pot. Notice all the fine root systems on the sides and bottom. These are not orchid roots, they are weed roots and must be eliminated.

This is the pile of weeds removed by hand as the roots were loosened from the media and the weeds. Lots of times there is no media left, except for the rocks. It either is so fine that it sticks to the roots of the weed, or it has been absorbed by the weeds.

This is what was left of the orchid roots after removing most of the weeds and their roots. There are a few weed leaves still mixed in the roots, but notice how the roots look. Do you see any that are rotten? The weed leaves will be removed when the rotten roots are cut off.

This is a pile of rotten and bad roots cut off of the orchid. I was right, if I had waited, the plant would have died. Luckily I was able to save some roots.

This is the root system that is left on the orchid after removing all weeds and their roots, and all the rotten and bad orchid. At this point I prepared the orchid for repotting by putting on root gel and sprinkling with the roots with cinnamon.

This is the orchid repotted in a smaller pot and sitting inside the original pot. This is a common function of getting rid of the weeds when they have reached this level of infestation.

This is another shot so that you get a better perspective of the difference in size of the pots. I could have repotted the orchid in the same size pot, but the rule of thumb is no more than a 1/4 to 1/2 inch of space around the root ball. If you put it in to big of a pot, the chances of over watering are increased. Also it will take it longer to rebloom.