What to Watch Out For?

This section is meant to be used to a quaint members about some of the things that they should look out for on their orchids in order to prevent damage to them. Hopefully we can prevent others from missing the signs or assuming that it is no problem.

What is it? It is a weed even though it has pretty little white flowers. The problem is that is grows fast and has lots of roots. It will take over a pot, use most of the nutrients in the soil, and keep the water in. Therefore the orchids roots will rot and if not repotted will eventually die. The worst part is that it has seed pods that break open and spew the seeds long distances. There by infecting your whole collection. It doesn't take long, one plant can ruin the whole collection in a very short time. For I know, I have just finished repotting around 600 orchids. For a picture view of what can happen, press here.