MVOS Chat Room

The purpose of the MVOS chat room is to allow members to communicate with each other via their computers. It is our hope that you can discuss anything having to do with MVOS and orchids. This way problems can be resolved faster as no one has to wait until the next meeting to get their ideas across or solve any problem they may have with their orchids.

It is our intention to have the chat room monitored by an officer from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM every night. This may change in the future as the need arises. The Webmaster will be monitoring the chat room whenever he is on his computer. So its possible that the chat room could be active anytime of the day.

Press the chat room icon below to go to the chat room.

The first time you enter the chat room you must register, there after you will need to login. When registering you are asked for a nick name. This is your chance to hide who you really are, so you can ask those questions that you may think are dumb (there are no dumb questions). Only your nick name will appear in the chat room.