MVOS Forum Use

The forums area is used for anyone asking questions or having problems or making suggestions about orchids and the MVOS website. Please be polite and not judgemental in your entry. This is a place for you to get answers between meetings as well as provide information for others who may have the same problem.

The input will be viewed by the appointed administrator before it is added to the actual forum to ensure that the content is not offensive, incorrect, or outside the venue of the his website. Once the forum entry is approved the originator will be notified via email that it has been approved and added to the forum database. If it is not approved the user will be notified as to why.

The administrator has the sole right to modify the forum entry to clarify the entry or to ensure it is accurate in content. He may add comments, answer it, or even forward it to some one who can answer it.

To return to the MVOS website for the forums use the back arrow on your web browser tool bar.